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Findlay's Drug Store employs a staff of over 60.

We have many pharmacists and a number of girls who have graduated with a pharmacy technician certificate. Our pharmacy staff works diligently to fill hundreds of prescriptions every day of the week. Supported by back office staff doing the orders, filing and receiving, the dispensary is itself a store within a store. Each patient can receive counseling on their medication while visiting the pharmacy.

Our Home Health Care area of the pharmacy has a full selection of products to meet the needs of any individual. We have trained knowledgeable and experienced staff to help with braces, mobility aids, bathroom aids, compression stockings and patient aids. We offer several services including a private fitting room, blood pressure monitoring and in-store monitor downloads for blood glucose meters for your convenience. If you have any inquiries or questions please contact us or email us and we would be pleased to assist you.

At Findlay's your home health is our concern.

Our Cosmetics staff is constantly upgrading to learn the latest techniques in makeup application and skin care analysis. Some of our Cosmetic staff has graduated from the Canadian Cosmetics Career Association Cosmetician Course. With over thirty combined years in a cosmetic setting these girls bring a wealth of expertise to the department.

The look in our Giftware area is always changing thanks to the talented staff who work in this department. Maintenance of this space is done daily through washing, cleaning, filling and re-arranging. New items arrive on a regular basis and need to be displayed at the earliest possible time.

Our front staff includes full-time and part-time personnel. These girls maintain the store, place orders, do inventory checks and greet the public on a daily basis.

Our staff is there to serve your every need and to provide you with the utmost customer service they can possibly offer.