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At Lug® our focus is on the creation of bags and accessories that exemplify an organized family lifestyle; with Function, Fashion, and Color, our products are designed for women, men and families on the go – ideal for day to day life, and savvy travelers alike.

Lug®- At Lug® they’re always thinking and growing, ever on the quest to create innovative, exceptionally functional products that help get you where you want to go (the office, the gym, the airport and beyond). From big duffels to compact clutches and everything in between, the Lug line strives to tackle every travel trouble—and all with an eye on style, mind you.

They delight in the details. Think gym bags with ventilated compartments, hidden water bottle pockets, and magnetic and zip closures rather than noisy Velcro. Plus they add plenty of pockets for optimum organization.

We’ve got bags for shopping and weekends away, cases for computers and office essentials, creature comforts like cushy pillows, and smart accessories for savvy travels. So, really, what we’re saying is, whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, grab a Lug® and get there with style, confidence, and a smile.

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Lady Rosedale is proudly Canadian and they pride themselves on creating quality made-in-Canada products!! Travel and leisure continues to be a focus as people are finding increasing amounts of quality time.

Lady Rosedale travel and accessories products are designed to meet these growing needs in a highly functional and fashion-forward way. With the evergreen product range of totes, toiletry/cosmetic bags, organizers, spa products and accessories, the Lady Rosedale lines have expanded accordingly.

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Danielle Creations offers the widest selection of mirrors - from true image make up vanities, to magnified, lit, and multi-purpose mirrors. Made with the highest quality material and utilizing the latest in magnification technology - we have the largest range designed to suit every grooming need and home décor.

Mirrors don’t show someone’s inner beauty but they help avoid a make up catastrophe. Imagine applying mascara or lipstick without seeing yourself…ekkkk a nightmare! To avoid this disaster we’ve created a Mirror Buying Guide. Selecting a mirror is an easy process with our helpful tips to ensure you find the perfect one. Here are some helpful pointers for picking the right mirror:

  • Magnification: Higher the number, greater the zoom, and better vision
  • Curves: Contributes to the magnification and quality
  • Aesthetics: Look of a mirror is important, it should compliment a space and make a statement
  • Fluorescent Lighting: brightness helps for maximum vision and are a more environmentally friendly light bulb choice
  • Additional Features: Mirrors are high tech now and at Upper Canada we are a leader with our line of Danielle Mirror

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DANIELLE ... where beauty meets functionality

Men’s Classic travel bags attractive, charming… and dependable! Compliment him with these stylish travel accessories in a black leather look.