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Woodwick Candles are one of a kind candles made with a premium soy blend of waxes and beautiful fragrances from essential oils, from its feminine hourglass shaped glass container to its handcrafted wooden lid. Of course, all Woodwick Candles have a wooden wick that crackles just like a wood fire always setting the right ambience and atmosphere.

Ribbonwick Candles create a mesmerizing ribbon-like flame. As the candlelight dances across the pool of highly scented wax it creates an intriguing ambiance unlike any other candle on the market. This distinctive effect, coupled with elegant new home décor vessels, results in a stunning centerpiece focal point that will transform any room. Ribbonwick Candles feature a new patent-pending, flowing wick design unlike anything you've ever seen before! Watch as the hypnotic flame dances across a pool of highly scented wax, creating a unique ambiance and radiant light no other candle can match.