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Reallite candles are battery operated, genuine wax candles. Using an LED light and patented electromagnetic technology, Reallite features a moving flame that shines and dances around, creating the realistic illusion of a true burning candle. Reallite candles use 2 AA batteries and offer a smart timer.

Also includes a smart time which will illuminate the candle at the same time each day and stay lit for 5 hours, automatically turning itself off.

Rainlite candles Perfect for outdoor. Rainlite candles are weather-resistant and worry free. The durable plastic shell can withstand rain and will not melt in sun or heat. A drainage hole in the top and rubber seals ensure your Rainlite candle remains in tact, whatever the weather!

Rainlite candles feature TruFlame technology for the perfect balance of light, color and flicker. The TruFlame random flicker pattern will not repeat itself for 72 hours, giving it an authentic feel, closely mimicking the look of a real candle. TruFlame incorporates 3 LED's into 1 making it the most realistic LED candle.

When set, the smart timer illuminates at the same time each day for 8 hours, automatically turning itself on and off.

Compatible with remote control which is sold separately. Runs on 2 D cell batteries with approximately 1000 hour run time.