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Compression Therapy

Exercise, elevation and wearing compression stockings can help you maintain the health of your legs. Contraction of the calf and thigh muscles helps the return of venous blood from the legs to the heart.

Periods of leg elevation are also necessary for effective management of edema, venous disease and lymphatic disease.

Long distance travel can be associated with leg discomforts and risks. Lack of leg movement gives way to swelling, which contributes to leg fatigue, discomfort and the sensation of leg heaviness.

We offer many styles and colours of compression stockings for both men and women.

Please call 705-647-8186 for appointments.

  • Compression socks and calf sleeves for athletes 15-30mmHg.
  • Support Stockings 15-22 mmHg in Below Knee, Thigh High, Pantyhose
  • Travel Socks
  • A.E.S (anti-embolism) for Bedridden and Post-Surgical Patients
  • Donning Aids and Accessories Available
  • Maternity socks and pantyhose
  • By Prescription
  • Below Knee, Thigh Length, Pantyhose
  • Lymphadema Arm Sleeves
  • Custom Made-to-Measure Stockings

ADP Vendor and certified fitters on staff. Please call for appointments at (705) 647-8186